Of course, the main goal of the ecoteams is to make their respective schools as durable and environmentally friendly as possible! But to make that happen, small steps are required, and every single one counts.

The main objective of the exchange week was also to brainstorm ideas between schools, as they often have their own perspectives that can, in most cases, also help the other school. The students work together to find ways to make their schools better for the environment!

For example, Castor college is now using reusable whiteboard markers throughout the entire school! These markers can be refilled, so less plastic is wasted or thrown away in general. They are also planning on planting a lot more trees in their schoolyard, including tree mirrors of course!

Unfortunately, it is not easy to make the schools more environmentally friendly. In most, if not all cases this has something to do with the buildings itself. Liceo XXV Aprile, for example, legally is not allowed to change or add anything to the building, as it is seen as a historical site. This means that they are unable to add solar panels, etc. Castor college also has a few issues regarding this, most notable also being unable to add solar panels. In this case however, it is not due to legality or the building being seen as a historical artifact, but due to the antiquity of the building, the roof would collapse if they were to add more solar panels than they currently have.